Vicky De La Cruz

Chief Executive Officer

You work hard to earn a living for yourself and your family. Unfortunately, due to poor credit or lack of credit history, borrowers get turned down for lending by traditional banks. They are made to pay high-interest rates on loans and debts. Furthermore, due to lack of knowledge on how personal and business credit works, the American working class and small business owners are denied the economic opportunity to get ahead.

I am passionate about helping hardworking Americans and small businesses improve their financial life by sharing my knowledge of credit and banking and helping them find the right financial solution to achieve their financial dreams. Whether it is to fix your credit, buy a new car, a new home, or expand your business, I am here to help you.

I graduated from Texas Tech University in 2001 with a degree in business. I worked at Bank of America for over 14 years and held numerous positions within the company. I started as a teller and worked my way up to Vice President. There I became proficient and knowledgeable on how banks and other financial institutions work. My husband and I also had financial difficulties as we started our family. I understand how difficult it can be to raise children and maintain a career while meeting all of life’s demands. I started V&D Financial LLC in 2017 and since then, with the grace of God, have looked forward every day to helping clients achieve their goals and dreams.

At V&D Financial LLC, our vision is to improve our clients’ financial life by going the extra mile, making their financial dreams our personal goal.

Dario Montoya

Chief Executive Officer

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects.” - Albert Einstein

I founded V&D Financial LLC to help those who have been denied assistance due to credit issues or a lack of knowledge about banking and credit systems. I've seen several businesses in the financial sector reject customers without providing any kind of assistance or even an explanation why they can't help the customer achieve their long-term goals. I worry that banks and other financial organizations don't provide clients with a reason for being turned down ("unless you'll get a letter in 7 to 10 business days"). By analyzing my clients' credit and financial needs, I can better serve them and help them reach their financial goals by developing stable credit and building bridges with financial institutions. V&D Financial LLC has worked with over 200 banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions to better serve my clients and assure the success of your financial objectives.

At V&D Financial LLC, my success is defined by helping customers reach their financial goals every day. At V&D Financial LLC, my success is measured by how many people I've assisted financially. We'll reach your goals together at V&D Financial LLC. To help existing and future consumers do the same. My objective is to help you realize your financial goals by sharing my knowledge in banking, credit, and financial planning. As an employee of one of the world's biggest banks, I've gained licenses and connections that will help me help my clients achieve their goals. Your financial goals mirror your life goals and desires for you and your family, and I applaud you for taking the first step toward reaching them.

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Dario Montoya