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V&D Financial LLC has more than 40+ combined years of financial banking experience.

We can show you how you can start, manage, or grow your business by bringing it to a bankable level. Depend on us for all of your business financial guidance for your business.

Our primary goal is to prepare clients to obtain lending from banks for personal or business reasons, but we can work with you to achieve whatever specific goals you have in mind. We have teamed up with more than 200 financial institutions to assist you to reach your financial goals. Review the sections below to gain a better idea of what we can do, and then call us to schedule a consultation.



  • Plan Your Business – Do you have a great business idea? Now is the right time to create a plan for your dream investment.
  • Launch Your Business – Turn your vision into a great venture. Register your business to get started.
  • Manage Your Business – Get everything you need to run your business smoothly. Master daily operations and maximize profits.
  • Grow Your Business – Congratulations on starting a successful business! Expand and explore new opportunities for business growth.

At V&D Financial LLC we can put together a plan based on your business goals. Call us today to schedule a free consultation; we would love to learn more about your business!



V&D Financial LLC can help you find the perfect lending for all your credit needs:

  • Assist you to qualify for a mortgage loan
  • Assist you to qualify for a new car loan or refinance your existing vehicle
  • Assist you with your current auto lease
  • Lower high interest rate credit cards to help you financially
  • Obtain and qualify for personal loans or lines of credit
  • Assist you if you are currently carrying high debt
  • Help you build strong personal credit
  • Help you if you are experiencing credit challenges
  • Guide you to the right resources if you have student loan debt
  • Connect you to our trusted partners and financial institutions

If you want the peace of mind that comes with a good financial plan, let V&D Financial LLC help you. Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation for a full financial review.


How Our Financial Plans Work:

At V&D Financial LLC we tailor our services to each client’s financially needs differently because what works for one person may not work the same for someone else. Once we do a full complimentary review, we will be able to inform you of the time frame and cost for our services.

How Our Scheduling Works:

Once an appointment has been scheduled, you will get an appointment confirmation. In that appointment confirmation it will allow you to purchase your credit report for $7 dollars. Do not be alarmed because it is not a hard hit on your credit; it is a soft pull. Therefore, you will not be impacted by buying your credit report.

After you have purchased your credit report, we kindly ask that you fill out the questionnaire as it plays a big role in how we can help you. It will be in the same confirmation email sent.

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V&D Financial LLC provides services tailored to each client. No matter what financial solution you need, you can trust our experienced team to offer full assistance. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.